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October 2023
Haunt Schedule

** All tickets are non-refundable

** Tickets are available ONLINE ONLY. Leftover tickets may be sold on site but are generally more expensive at the box office. Tickets tend to sell fast so please consider buying tickets well ahead of time if you wish to attend our event

** Ticket price includes access to ALL haunted houses INCLUDING our new carnival Zycho Zerkus maze

** Ticket prices vary depending on the date. For those wishing to save money, come to the event early in October and enjoy the same great show for a cheaper price!

** Tickets are sold by time slot. The allotted time slot is the time you should show up to get into line. It is not the time you will enter the haunted houses... it's just the time to start lining up. Please do not come earlier than your allotted time slot... early arrivals may be denied entry! 


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