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** For health and safety, our escape room is sanitized between each group! **

Cougar Creek's House of Horrors is proud to present our very own escape room entitled The XMAS Escape From Incineration. Solve puzzles and search for clues as you scramble to escape from our seasonally decorated burning building. It's challenging, hilarious and loads of fun! Time slots can be booked HERE


What's an escape room?
Escape rooms have become extremely popular in the past few years. Patrons solve puzzles and search for clues that might help them escape from our "burning" building. The clock is always ticking and the elves are always giggling, so hurry, hurry, hurry!! 

How many minutes are you given to try and complete all the puzzles?
20 minutes

Can the escape room be booked online?
Yes, go HERE!! Please show up 15 minutes before your booking time and check in at the merchandise booth located near the paintball attraction.
Booking fee is $30 and based on two participants... (ie, $15 per person X 2 = $30 + ticket fees). Extra participants must pay $15 each on site. Maximum participants is 6.  

Is it scary inside?
Patrons seem to find it more intense than scary but people who frighten easily may find it scary. Most find it more silly and fun than terrifying. 

Is that actual smoke pouring out of the escape room?
No, but we do use fog, strobes and other effects. Patrons who are sensitive to such effects should avoid the escape room.

Is there an age minimum?
All children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.

How many people can participate?
Minimum 2, maximum 6. All participants must pay an entry fee.

Wow, Santa, Mrs Claus and those merry elves are SUPER annoying!
Yep... also, that wasn't really a question, was it?

Oops, I missed my booking time slot. Are there refunds?
Patrons who do not show up on time may miss their booking time slot. Sorry, there are no refunds.

I'm concerned about COVID, is the escape room cleaned between uses?
Yes! Our friendly staff gives the escape room a good cleaning and sanitizing between each group.


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