He's creepy, he's cranky and he definitely hates Christmas more than you do. And this holiday season he's been generous enough to welcome you into his home. Just ignore those "KEEP OUT" signs at the entrance, they're probably not meant for you. Probably. 

Come enjoy The Kaverns of Krampus this December! Do your best to try and not get eaten. If you see Krampus roaming the halls, let's just hope you've been nice and not naughty... he does really terrible things at this time of year to those boys and girls who have been naughty. Better start making reparations now! And when you're here, you'd be wise to beg Krampus for forgiveness... you'll know he's forgiven you if he doesn't eat your face! YUM! 


The Christmas party seemed like it was going to be a snap to organize. The guests seemed excited to attend. The decorations came together beautifully. The motel was easy to book... hmmm, why was it so easy to book around the holiday season? Why was the man on the phone so eager to host the party? Why did he keep offering rooms for free to partygoers who were feeling dizzy?

Yep, this is the scenario. Something very, very bad has happened at this motel during the most festive of seasons and you're about to see the end result. Welcome to HOTEL FROZEN TERROR! It's a bit light on merry but it's FULL of scary! Enjoy your stay... wifi might cost extra but the post-event terror flashbacks are free!